Bear Repair

Welcome to our how to fix your bears page.

Ok, so we have done a lot of upgrading to how we fix our bears lately.  The first thing I will give you is a materials list:

  • Pressure washer
  • Palm sander w 80 grit sand paper
  • Black Caulk
  • Brown Caulk
  • Black paint
  • Brown paint
  • Large paint brush
  • Small paint brush
  • One quart Minwax Dark Walnut Stain
  • Stain rag

Once you have your materials ready, start by pressure washing all your carvings at least 24 to 48 hours ahead of sanding them. You want to make sure that it is good and dry before you start to fix your bears. Once pressure washed and dry. Take the Black caulk and fill all the cracks in the black areas of your bears making sure to smooth out the cracks like I show you in the video. Then go ahead and do the same with the brown caulk in the brown areas of your carving. Let the caulk dry overnight. The next day you can start with palm sanding your carvings with the 80 grit sand paper, make sure you get off any loose varnish and paint and get the wood so its smooth again if its rough, especially on the face of the bear. From here it is really easy, watch the videos on how to apply the paint and stain. Black goes on the black parts and brown goes on the brown parts, it all gets finished off with a stain and rag technique I show in my video and your are done. Do not put varnish on the paint after you are done. The paint has a really nice finish for up to 15 years, the varnish does not and will start to come off after only a couple years. You should love the new finish, and remember its paint so if you think you stained to heavy repaint and try again. If your stain is a little too light then restain after it dries. Note that when the stain dries it dries a little lighter than when it is wet. If you are having any problems please call me and I will do anything I can to help you get these carvings all beautiful again. The videos are next.